DriJet™ is the next-generation coal preparation technology from Mineral Separation Technologies. DriJet uses x-rays to measure the atomic mass of individual pieces of coal and pneumatic jets to separate the coal and ash fractions.

DriJet uses no water. DriJet requires low horsepower and no consumable chemicals at all. It has few moving parts.

DriJet can deliver high separation efficiency for the 2" X 1/4" fraction directly at the mine face. DriJet is a perfect solution for highwall mining operations and surface mines. DriJet reject isn't mine waste. It's rock. The reject can go right back into the pit.

DriJet is a perfect solution for any kind of mine with long haul distances to prep facilities. When DriJet removes the rock at the mine face, the mine owner doesn't have to pay to haul or prep rock.

DriJet can clean gob.

DriJet is semi-portable. It can be moved and reassembled in days.

DriJet has a small footprint. It can fit on a highwall shelf.

DriJet can concentrate rare earth ores in coal waste.

DriJet is flexible. It can be configured to aggressively remove liberated ash and sulfur with extraordinary separation efficiencies. With a push of a button, it can be configured to minimize coal loss. DriJet offers custom configurations to perfectly match the coal feed to the customer spec.

Our DriJet 100 model is rated at 100 TPH. It draws 150 A of current and 500 CFM of compressed air.